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From The Developer

Hi there.

I'm a programmer working on Green With Energy. I chose this to work this project because I love the idea of designing systems where you get to design systems :)

In the past, I've worked on and shipped other games and services. This time around I'm excited to share Green With Energy to the world and develop it alongside players who might be interested.

In particular, I think there's a bunch of interesting problems in this space which can be solved to produce an interesting game experience. As a programmer, I think I have a unique insight into the engineering mindset, and hope to bring that out in the sandbox I'm building.

The energy grid interests me as there are a bunch of hard engineering challenges that go into iteratively designing, testing and building these systems in the real world. Without straying too far into politics, it's also relevant given the collective push to better work with the environment and pollute less.

I'm also hope to get this product into the hand of educators at some point - but I want to stress that this is not an "education game" but rather a sandbox game that can educate.

I'm running an "open alpha" of sorts via community playtesting and eventually Steam Early Access, hopefully to build a better game in the process. As such, please feel free to reach out to me at, either for feedback or just general conversation.

Media & Assets Kit

Please feel free to use these in articles or videos. In this folder you'll find branding assets, screenshots, early gameplay recordings and more. Please remember to credit Kevin MacLeod for the in-game music in your videos.