Overview: The Green Industrial Revolution Begins Here

  • In this upcoming puzzle game, don the hard hat of a budding power engineer and work towards a sustainable future

  • Iteratively build and test your grid designs

  • Plan for outages by building in redundancy and capacity

  • Balance budget, efficiency, and environmental impact

  • Will you build systems resilient against disaster, or cobble something together out of duct tape?

What's (planned to be) in the box?

  • Green Engineering 101: A pack of 25 levels teaching the core concepts and mechanics, suited for education

  • 20+ levels across 4 "biomes" (different maps with specific weather patterns and energy requirements)

  • Linux support as a first-class platform 🐧

  • Everyone's favourite Steam features: stats/achievements, cloud saves, controller support & leaderboards

A comprehensive power simulation sandbox

Solar Farm

Battery Storage Farm

Wind Farm

Substation (Transformer)

Frequently asked questions

What state of development is the game in?

Late stage.

The builds being shared today should be considered beta quality. They may be slightly unstable, prone to crashing, and missing most of the game mechanics and levels, but the upside is that a game is very malleable in this state.

Community feedback will heavily drive the direction of ongoing development.

Why are you developing this out in the open?

As a solo indie developer, I've found it's much more engaging to communicate with players when working on a product. I personally believe it leads to higher-quality results, too, so everybody benefits!

When do you plan to launch?

The goal is to get the game into shipping quality. That means most of the core mechanics will be in place (subject to tweaking in response to community feedback), though some features and most levels won't yet be included.

When getting to that point, the next stage would be a launch into Steam Early Access, with much the same approach to including the community.

Why is Steam required for playtesting?

For now, distributing builds via Steam makes a lot of things easier, though other platforms like Itch.io are being considered.

Here's some of the reasons:

  • Steam takes much of the complexity out of managing an early project like this

  • It's already integrated with the development pipeline, allowing for continuous integration and deployment

  • Community features like Stats & Achievements are built-in, and need playtesting too

Where can I try the game out?

Please fill in the "join the community Discord server" form above.